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Bay Area BBS Reunion

ChanServ Help

This help page is intended for those who have auto-op status.

ChanServ allows you to register and control various aspects of channels. ChanServ can often prevent malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting who is allowed channel operator priviliges. Any channel which is not used for two weeks will automatically be cancelled.

All commands to the ChanServ are sent with the /msg command. For example, /msg HELP will show you the ChanServ help information. You may have to switch to your chat program's status window to see the ChanServ response.

Step #1: Identify

In order for ChanServ to auto-op you, you must first identify with the NickServ.

/msg IDENTIFY <password>

/msg IDENTIFY iloveu;

Step #2: Join

After you identify, join the channel. ChanServ will change your mode to +o.

/join #bbsreunion

Telling ChanServ to Op You

If you entered the channel before identifying with NickServ, you will have to tell ChanServ to op you.

/msg OP #bbsreunion <your nickname>

/msg OP #bbsreunion Barney

Remember, you always must identify with NickServ before ChanServ will op you!

Invite Yourself

Sometimes I will set a channel to invite only. If you have auto-op status, you can invite yourself to the channel.

/msg INVITE #bbsreunion

Channel Info

To view the information about a channel, use the info command.

/msg INFO #bbsreunion

Auto Kick

Some ops have access to the akick (auto kick) command. Akick maintains the channel autokick list. If a user on the autokick list attempts to join the channel, ChanServ will ban/kick the user.

/msg AKICK #bbsreunion ADD *wnder@*
/msg AKICK #bbsreunion DEL *wnder@*
/msg AKICK #bbsreunion LIST

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