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Bay Area BBS Reunion

NickServ Help

NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and prevent others from using it. If the nick is not used for 30 days, the registration will expire.

All commands to the NickServ are sent with the /msg command. For example, /msg HELP will show you the NickServ help information. You may have to switch to your chat program's status window to see the NickServ response.

Here are the steps to take to register your nickname:

Step #1

If you're not already using the nickname you wish to register, switch to that nickname now.

/nick <your new nickname>

/nick Barney

Step #2

Send the REGISTER command to the NickServ with the password you want to use.

/msg REGISTER <password> <e-mail address>

Passwords are case-sensitive. In other words, FuNkyFiSh is different than funkyfish.

/msg REGISTER iloveu

Step #3

It's a good idea to turn on enforce. If enforce protection is on, NickServ will forcibly remove users who take your nickname without identifying.


That's all you really need to know about registering your nickname. You still might want to type /msg HELP to see more options.

Next time you logon to DalNet, the NickServ will warn you that your nickname is registered. You need to identify with the NickServ within 1 minute.

/msg IDENTIFY <password>

One more thing, to find out information on somebody else's registered nickname, use the info command.

/msg INFO <nickname>

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