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Bay Area BBS Reunion

The BBS Purity Test Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. I know what a BBS is
  2. I know what a SysOp is
  3. I know what AFK stands for
  4. I know what BRB stands for
  5. I've downloaded a QWK pack
  6. I owned a computer before 1995
  7. I owned a modem before 1995
  8. My first modem was < 9600 baud
  9. My first modem was < 2400 baud
  10. My first modem was < 1200 baud
  11. My first modem was < 300 baud
  12. I've used ProCom
  13. I've used Telix
  14. I know how to send AT commands to my modem
  15. I know how to whistle at 300 baud
  16. NO CARRIER makes my heart skip a beat
  17. I was banned from a BBS
  18. I was banned from more than one BBS
  19. I've had cyber-sex
  20. I had cyber-sex before real sex
  21. I've never had real sex
  22. I've been to BBS gatherings
  23. I met a boyfriend/girlfriend at a BBS gathering
  24. I started my own BBS
  25. I've played door games
  26. I programmed a door game

Good going!