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Bay Area BBS Reunion

IRC Help

Here are some basic IRC commands that work on DalNet

/away <message>

The system will automatically send this message to anyone trying to message you. It is often used to tell people that you are away from your computer. If you no longer wish to be seen as "away", then simply type '/away no message' in the text area and the away message will no longer be displayed.

/away I'll be right back!
/away no message


Display a list of all except hidden commands.



Displays information about the server you are connected to including up time, address and version.


/invite <nickname> <channelname>

Used to invite people to join a channel. The server will send a message to the user you have designated, telling them of the invitation. This is the only way to join a channel that is set to invite only (mode +i).

/invite crissy #hellsexiles

/join <channelname>

Enter an existing channel, or create a new channel if this channel name doesn't exist.

/join #bbsreunion

/kick <channel> <nickname> [comments]

Used to force people to leave a channel. The comment field is not required but will be sent to the client after they have been kicked.

/kick #bbsreunion Freddy Don't flood this channel


This command will show all the servers currently linked together on the network.



Updates the channel list.


/mode <nickname> +/- <modechars>
/mode <channelname> +/- <modechars>
/mode <channelname> +/- <modechars> <nickname>

/mode yournick +i makes yourself invisible to anybody that does not know your nickname
/mode yournick +o gives IRC-Operator status, can only be set by IRC-ops with OPER
/mode yournick +s lets you receive server notices

/mode channelname +i channel is invite-only
/mode channelname +l number channel is limited, with max number users allowed
/mode channelname +m channel is moderated, only chanops and others with 'voice' can talk
/mode channelname +n external /MSGs to channel are not allowed
/mode channelname +p channel is private
/mode channelname +s channel is secret
/mode channelname +t topic limited, only chanops may change it

/mode channelname +b nickname ban somebody by nickname
/mode channelname +o nickname makes nickname a channel operator
/mode channelname +v nickname gives nickname a voice in a moderated channel

/mode crissy +o
/mode crissy -s
/mode #bbsreunion +nt
/mode #bbsreunion +b freddy
/mode #bbsreunion +o barney

/msg <nickname> <message>
/msg <channelname> <message>

Send a private message to another person.

/msg crissy Hello! How are you?

/names <channelname>

Show all of the nicknames that are in the specified channel.

/names #bbsreunion

/nick <newname>

Change your nickname.

/nick Barney

/part <channelname> [message]

The part command will disconnect you from the specified channel. The example below would make you leave the channel #bbsreunion with the message "See you later!"

/part #bbsreunion See you later!


Leave the chat and disconnect from the server.


/who <channelname>
/who <nickname>

Can be used on both channels and nicknames. When this command is activated on a channel it will display the users and their status in that channel. When used on a user it will show all the channels the user is in, along with other information only if one of the two following conditions is met: you are in channel with 'nickname' or 'nickname' is not invisible (+i).

/who #bbsreunion
/who crissy

/whois <nickname>

Shows you information about this nickname.

/whois Freddy

/whowas <nickname>

For a certain amount of time after a client has left the server, you can still get information about that client. The information is the same as the information in the "whois" command.

/whowas Freddy

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