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Bay Area BBS Reunion

Enter Chat Weekly chat nights are on hiatus until there is more interest.

I made many good friends on bay area bulletin boards during the 1980's and early 90's. Unfortunately, I lost track of many of these people. As the Internet became more popular, these bulletin boards disappeared one by one. I knew my cyber-friends mostly by nicknames. I knew some real first names, but I rarely knew last names, and I never gave out my last name to anybody. In our attempt to maintain privacy, we made it impossible to locate each other again!

So I created this web page to help California bay area BBS users reunite. If you want others to find you, please sign the guestbook. If you're looking for old friends, please view the guestbook. You can also join us in our new chat room.

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When you sign in, please include your name, current e-mail address, ICQ number or AIM screen name, the BBS nicknames you were known by, and the bulletin boards you used.

By popular demand, I've also created a Bay Area BBS mailing list. To join, just enter your e-mail address below. We'll use the list to chat, share memories, make plans for gatherings, and, of course, locate long lost friends.

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Personally, I'm hoping to find users from Sweet Whispers, The Ride, Inferno, Virtual Pleasures, and even Nasty Playmates.

Yummy Pizza!  Next Gathering

Where: Round Table Pizza 711 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA 95008. (click for map)

When: TBA

Who: BayAreaBBS and HellsExiles lists are always invited.

Please tell your friends!

Kristen (aka Crissy)
This address changes every few months, so please check back here before sending e-mail.

Here are some bay area bulletin boards you can still reach by telnet:

Here are some good telnet programs you can download:

Here are some good IRC programs you can use to participate in our chat room:

Here are my IRC help pages. These pages were written with DALnet in mind, and we have since switched to Quadrunner, but the instructions are basically the same:

Here are some BBS related mailing lists:

Here are a few more BBS related links:

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